Greatest survey ever, ending

After the survey or test, we will have proven that our Generation One can fulfill the basic needs of the Swedish market. It is time to roll-out this concept and services to other markets, using the same strategy. We will start to roll-out Generation Two on the established market, including enhanced functionality and new services with proven, evidence-based technology with a focus on revenue. The last Generation EIR will prosper and reap the results from the previously established services.

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Greatest survey ever, starting

In Sweden, we will perform a survey, to test our concepts, gain market acceptance, build market conformity based on evidence and proof of concept, attract faithful customers, and establish successful partnerships. Our goals are 10,000 users by the end of the 18 month period. This survey, performed on only one percent (10k out of one million at-risk individuals in Sweden), is just a tiny portion of the international market.

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Prevens 1.0 version of our eHealth platform

Our platform is finalized for internal reviewal, this version will be ready to be used in our survey in December this year. During Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec we will setup production environment, perform minor feature request updates and similar.

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