Who We Are


Our leadership team is seasoned in the arena of international product-launches and is well-versed in the medical device industry, making them more than capable for the challenge before us. The management team members have vast experience in digitalization, automation, international and scalable solutions from the eHealth sector. And everything is managed, and controlled from Uppsala, Sweden where we have our headquarters.


The people who build our business, and our eHealth platform along with all the tools, are located all around the world. We are building scalable international technology, for humans all over the globe, and its important for us to utilize the expertise from all of the world. Collaborating over distance, understanding and adopting to different cultures, working for a common purpose, is what makes us all different.

The map below, visualize all the countries in which we have hired our workforce, they are freelancers, consultants or employees. But all of them have been contracted, paid and contributed with an important piece of skillset or know-how on our journey.

NOTE: Zoom the map with your mouse wheel, for details.