Porall is easy to use and easy to understand.

This is how the individual uses the breathalyzer Buddy and the mobile app.

After the individual has been provided with the alcohol meter and has downloaded the app, they can get started.

The Buddy alcohol meter is connected to the mobile app by following the instructions.

Once the app is installed on the mobile phone, unlimited tests can be conducted.

Share the results.

Each test gives the individual the opportunity to share the results with their loved ones via a QR code, SMS, or email.

Historical test results from the past months can also be shared, and it’s important to note that these historical results are anonymized. Only those with access to the link can view the history, ensuring the user’s privacy and confidentiality.

Update and customize settings in the mobile app as needed.

The app allows the user to customize their settings for who receives the test results and how they are shared.

To avoid doubts about who is performing the tests, we recommend that the user includes a photograph through the app as part of the testing process.

For companies and organizations using the Porall Portal:

Porall provides real-time monitoring of the created programs online for employers.

HR and management are informed about employees’ status and can quickly take action if problems arise or if programs are not being followed.

Employees are equipped with the Buddy breathalizer and then download the Porall mobile app, which is connected to the Porall portal.

Customized testing programs.
Porall offers flexibility in designing testing programs to adapt to various working conditions, such as shift work or irregular working hours.

Notifications and Alarms.

Porall sends notifications to employees when it’s time to perform self-tests and informs management when an employee misses a scheduled test or shows a positive alcohol result.

This proactive approach helps maintain a consistently sober workforce.

Technical specification Porall breathalizer Buddy

Weight: 43g

Dimensions: 7.7cm x 4.45cm x 2 cm

Measurement Range: 0.00 ~ 4.00 ‰

Sensor: Fuel cell sensor

Accuracy: ± 0.5 ‰ (0.1 ‰ at 25 °C)

Analysis Time at 25 °C: Approx. 5.5 seconds

*Please note that the analysis time may vary depending on test conditions and environment.

Power Supply: One AAA alkaline battery

Wireless Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Calibration Period: Every 12th month or after 500 tests

Operating Temperature: 5 ~ 40 °C

Number of Mouthpieces for Buddy: Three pieces