Ensure that the company’s employees are not under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol-related problems
that Porall solves.

Unsafe Work Environment.

Porall creates a safer work environment by ensuring that all employees are sober and capable of performing their tasks safely.”

Deteriorating Health

By monitoring alcohol influence, Porall can early identify individuals with potential health issues, allowing for timely support and intervention. Early detection creates better conditions for the treatment of alcohol addiction and improved health for the affected individual.

Negative effects on colleagues, family members, and other social relationships.

For individuals using Porall to maintain sobriety outside of work, it can provide an increased sense of trust and support from family members. By sharing test results with the family, they can demonstrate their commitment to sobriety, strengthening family relationships.

Significant benefits for both employees and employers in using Porall.


Workplace Safety
Porall reduces the risk of alcohol-related accidents and incidents, enhancing overall workplace safety and decreasing costs for the company.

A sober workforce is generally more productive and efficient, which can increase the company’s productivity and the quality of work performance.

Porall can decrease sick-leave due to alcohol-related health issues, saving the company time and resources.

Improved Workplace Culture
By reducing the stigma around alcohol problems and offering support confidentially, Porall can enhance workplace culture and promote a more open and supportive environment.


Porall offers early detection and support for individuals with alcohol-related health issues, which can improve their physical and mental health.

Sobriety support.
Individuals struggling with alcoholism can benefit from Porall’s support and intervention, helping them maintain sobriety.

Sharing test results with employers and family can boost an individual’s confidence and demonstrate their commitment to sobriety.


…and their loved ones

Understanding and support.
Loved ones can benefit from Porall’s support and intervention for their dear ones dealing with alcohol-related problems. It can foster increased understanding and support from family and friends.

Reduced social stigma.
By reducing the stigma surrounding alcoholism, Porall can contribute to a more supportive and non-judgmental environment for both the individual and their loved ones.


Porall is a valuable resource for company health and its clients.

Early Identification
By regularly using alcohol meters, company health can identify individuals with potential addiction issues early on, enabling them to offer support and treatment before the situation escalates. This helps in identifying risky alcohol use or abuse.

Improved Workplace Safety
Using a reliable alcohol meter, company health can ensure that no one is under the influence at work, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Increased Awareness
Regular use of alcohol meters can raise awareness about alcohol consumption and its effects, leading to more employees seeking help for their problems.

Enhanced Productivity
A workforce free from alcohol impairment is generally more productive and focused, which is beneficial for the company’s performance.

Legal Compliance and Safety
Many industries have strict regulations regarding alcohol and work. A reliable alcohol meter helps the company maintain these standards and avoid potential legal consequences.

Strengthens Company Culture
A proactive approach to workplace health and safety can strengthen the company’s culture and make it a more attractive employer.

Cost Savings
Preventing alcohol-related problems can lead to reduced costs for the company in the form of fewer sick leaves, decreased staff turnover, and less vandalism.

Porall instead of alcohol interlocks in vehicles​

Installing alcohol interlocks in company cars is costly and involves significant interventions, including modifications to the car’s interior. Many also find that the functionality of the interlock system is insufficient in extreme cold temperatures.

 Moreover, an interlock device can be manipulated by allowing someone else to ‘blow into’ the car. Additionally, the interruption is often inconvenient during calibration as the entire car needs to be taken to the supplier.

With Porall’s solution, you avoid these extensive interventions in the cars. It not only reduces depreciation, saves money, but also enhances accessibility.