Minimize the risk of accidents in the workplace due to alcohol consumption.

Cost-effective screening of alcohol influence

Porall supports businesses and individuals by proactively identifying signs of alcohol influence, aiming to create the safest possible work environment.

Through rapid and secure digital distribution, Porall reduces risks and establishes a safer workplace foreveryone, all without compromising integrity.

Risks associated with alcohol influence.

Increased risk level at work. Every 4th incident involves alcohol or drugs

Regular consumption threatens both physical and mental health and jeopardizes productivity

Consumption has negative effects on colleagues, one’s family, and other social relationships

Porall – A complete tool

The user blows into the breathalyzer connected to the mobile app. It registers if alcohol is present in the body and, if so, how much.

The result is instantly presented in the mobile app and shared with individuals the person has consented to, via QR code, SMS, or email.

The company’s management are connected to the Porall service and access the group’s results through the portal.

For HR managers and supervisors in businesses and municipal organizations.

Porall enhances workplace safety by ensuring that employees are not under the influence of alcohol during working hours.

Minimizes risks of accidents and injuries. Assists individuals in maintaining sobriety. Offers customizable flexible testing programs. Cost-effective subscription model.

For personal use

Verified sober

Make it easier for yourself, your partner, family, and friends to believe in you!

Keep track of your sobriety. Share your status with your closest ones. Build trust through honesty.

For nurses and other healthcare professionals in corporate healthcare services.

A resource support for you working in corporate healthcare.

Optimize client management with alcohol-related challenges.

Continuously and purposefully screen multiple times a day.

Reduce the risk of incorrect assessments.

Get clear answers about risky behavior before harm occurs.

Porall's subscription-based packages.

Buddy breathalizer, mobile app for individuals, and portal app for the company.

With Porall’s portal app, the company can simultaneously track statistics for groups of employees.

About us

The Porall service is a business division within WAVR International AB.

WAVR is a Swedish innovation company with a mission to provide its customers with digitized knowledge for improved health and safety in both work and everyday life.

WAVR develops its technologies in close collaboration with workplace coordinators, safety workers, occupational health engineers, ergonomists, safety representatives, and researchers in occupational medicine.

Contact us

For more information contact us on info@porall.com

Do you want to learn more about how Porall can help you detect and identify alcohol misuse and create conditions to seek treatment before it's too late? Book an online demo of the Porall service today.

Book an online demo of the Porall service today.